I am a content creator mainly focused on digital channels. I work for the non-profit sector and believe we can achieve positive change by intentionally choosing our words and images.

I trained as a photojournalist with the international press agency Hans Lucas. I worked on events in sports, politics, culture and society.

I take photographs during internal and public events for NGOs.

Click here for my full photography portfolio.

I create videos, from pre- to post-production. I prepare and film interviews, edit footage and produce tailored content for different channels. I also create engaging text animations. I ensure accessibility by adding subtitles to videos and can translate them between English and French.

  • This video was part of a campaign for World Well-Being Week (see further down) and was tailored for social media platforms.

I have written articles for local and national newspapers, and for the NGO ATD Fourth World’s international and Brtish websites. For Hans Lucas, I researched and curated compelling stories for publication, and wrote captions. I work both in English and in French.

  • I supported a woman with experience of poverty and domestic violence to share her story. Through multiple interviews and several reviews of the text together, we published an article that accurately represents her experience and that she feels proud of.
  • I interviewed a mother with lived experience of social service interventions to write about her role as a Parent Advocate. She said she felt empowered by the story and gained the confidence to get involved in more projects with ATD Fourth World after the article was published.
  • I authored texts to describe ATD Fourth World’s ‘Together in Dignity’ programme in the 2023-2024 Annual Review. (tbc link)
  • I produced a practical article with maps to explain France’s regional elections to a student audience.

I create photo, video and written content for social media channels (Instagram, X, Facebook). I plan, design, publish and monitor posts. I ensure regularity and punctuality, and align content with the organisation’s goals.

I have experience of managing a team of content creators for a student media’s daily news reports on Instagram, and co-producing an omnichannel communication strategy for the NGO ATD Fourth World in the UK.

I also design digestible visuals to summarise complex topics for internal audiences, as well as flyers for public events.

Campaign: World Well-Being Week

To highlight ATD Fourth World’s projects around well-being and poverty, raise awareness on experiences of poverty in the UK, and increase site traffic, I created a week-long, multichannel campaign.

Lived experience was at the core of all the published content, a key component of the organisation’s ethos. I prioritised short and riveting content, and targeted an audience with little to no knowledge of ATD’s projects. Out of all those who viewed the videos published on Instagram page, 60% were non-followers.

Instagram Reel #1
Instagram Carousel
Instagram Reel #2

I wrote and designed a special issue of ATD’s newsletter focusing on well-being that came out at the end of the campaign. You can read the newsletter issue here.

It achieved a 30% increase of unique opens compared to past newsletters, with 75% of clicks on links to articles, and 10% on donation links.