May 2023 Picks

In this latest article in my picks series, discover a few of my favourite content published in the last thirty-one days.

An exciting development in the areas of AI and language: this New York Times article explains how AI can translate brain activity into words. A very successful experiment had AI examine brain waves and decode them into sentences that correctly captured the meaning of participants’ thoughts.

This Fairness Foundation‘s newest poll on wealth inequalities shows most people in the UK think extreme wealth is unfair and that the richest are not contributing their share of taxes. The poll lays out which ways of making money seem accessible, fair, or have a positive impact on society to British respondents.

Tortoise‘s interview of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the two journalists who uncovered the Watergate scandal. With Emily Maitlis, they discuss the importance of investigative journalism. While the phrase ‘post-truth’ is heard a lot in the media, they remind us that “we cannot let it happen”, and it is journalists’ duty to share the truth and inform readers.

A piece on the causes of loneliness in America goes further than the lack of social interactions. This Newsweek article argues this deep disconnection is rooted in more systemic issues, in a world plagued by financial or environmental crises. “Loneliness, as author Johann Hari pointed out in his 2018 book Lost Connections, is not merely about social isolation from other people. It flows from multiple kinds of disempowerment. These include disconnection from meaningful work, from childhood nurture, from status and respect, from the natural world, and from a hopeful or secure future.” It is time to acknowledge the need for governmental action and structural change to solve loneliness.