Hello! My name is Célia, and I believe that we can achieve social change by choosing the right words and telling the right stories. I aspire to work in the field of narrative change and strategic communication.

I was trained in Journalism and English Language, Literature and History in Lille (France), and I am now doing a Masters in Sociolinguistics in London (United Kingdom). I am particularly interested in analysing media discourse and finding ways we can shift popular narratives in order to bring about social change, engage every public and include everyone in the story.

I am currently a Volunteer with the international non-governmental organisation ATD Fourth World. Throughout the years, I facilitated ‘Street Libraries’ reading books to children; Cooked for hundreds of guests during international meetings; Conducted activities with youth speaking French, English and Spanish; Organised workshops for adults and children; Transcribed recordings of hour-long meetings; Wrote articles for the international website; Participated in study group research sessions on poverty and social work. I always feel the most fulfilled when I participate to projects aiming towards equality and justice.

In the past, I wrote articles for the student media Pépère News, when I was enrolled in France’s Top 1 school of journalism in Lille. I was a Political Editor-in-Chief for a year, suggesting ideas and supporting our authors with advice and proofreading. Click here to see my articles (in French).

In addition to writing, I love photography. I am a committee member in the Photography Society at Goldsmiths University of London. I was taught photojournalism by the APJ and Hans Lucas agencies from 2020 to 2022 and distributed my photographs to worldwide media.

You can go take a look at what I’m writing on this blog, what I’ve published elsewhere or get in touch with me!